About Us

A Message from Dilles: 

I have been a stamper since 1994. It all started with my sister-in-law from California.  I was in California visiting and it was going to be my son's birthday so she said why don't you stamp his invitations to his birthday party. From there it is history.  She wanted me to sign up to become a demonstrator and finally two years later I did just that.  In 1996, I signed up, later I became a  manager and had a successful downline. I taught stamping classes at the local university.  As stampers, YOU know, rubber stamping is addictive, and I HAD TO HAVE IT ALL!!!  My mother at the time had cancer and if it were not for stamping I never would have made it through.  Stamping is very therapeutic.

I was my own best customer. As my inventory grew, I became frustrated with storage for my stamp pads. I filled drawers with stamp pads and used old cassette crates, but the stamp pads fell out. There had to be a better way to store and organize stamp pads!   I would have 3 or 4 pads out on my desk and those are the ones I always used.  I was too lazy to go into my drawer to get  my other stamp pads.  If this sounds like you, you would love our stamp pad holders.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, so my husband and I developed and patented our acrylic stamp pad holders! Our customers soon wanted a larger stamp pad holder, resulting in our  "Quad" model.  Then Stampin' Up! customers wanted something for  their larger pads and then the SU Quad was developed.  We are hoping to start our own stamp line called "Dilly Designs."  Lately we have been doing a lot with Iris folding.  I try to demonstrate "what's new" at the stamp conventions we attend.  

I am currently a  middle school teacher and my husband is the "retired band teacher".  It is a family-owned business.  We are a very small company but we are friendly and dependable.  Everything is made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. They are lightweight and not heavy like the wood ones.  The design is very contemporary.  I usually tell our customers that the cost of one quad is approximately the cost of 4 or 5 stamps.  This is a product you will use EVERYDAY and tell me how many stamps are in your drawers not being used or if that - never opened!!!  Stampers that have our products love them! So will you!  Our REPEAT business is unbelievable so that tells us something when customers come back to order more.  Acrylic is a petroleum product and when gas prices go up so does our product.  So in order to keep costs down and not raise our prices for the consumer we decided not to wholesale.